ASMR Sleep Station (general)
ASMR whispering recording designed for your relaxation and to help you sleep. Image credit: Robin Röcker ( Contact:
ASMR Sleep Station - 10

Thanks for the feedback. Lots of ranting about sleep irregularity and the difficulties of an analytical mind. Thank you x 1 billion.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 09

Now louder: reviews, ratings, and more simulation hypothesis reading. Get drowsy.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 08

New year ranting, vocabulary words, and the simulation hypothesis. May you unwind easily.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 07

Reviews, clicking sounds, typing, and more rambling. I promise the next recording will be cleaner.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 06

More rambling on ratings and continuing my podcast list. Thanks for downloading!

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ASMR Sleep Station - 05

Thanks to the very kind reviewers. Some brainstorming and a partial list of podcasts. Sleep well.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 04

Random wikipedia articles, unrevised science fiction, and unstructured ranting about driving recklessly. Hopefully, you never hear the end of this.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 03

I read some science fiction that I wrote and it will make you snore. Covered a few vocabulary words and read a few minutes from The Double. Thanks for listening.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 02

Get sleepy, get drowsy. Non-stop meandering in this recording. Thanks so much for downloading.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 01

ASMR Sleep Station - 01: First installment. All whispering designed to make you relax. Stay with me and I will try my best to make improvements and create higher quality recordings. 

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