ASMR Sleep Station (general)
ASMR whispering recording designed for your relaxation and to help you sleep. Image credit: Robin Röcker ( Contact:

ASMR Sleep Station - 30: Rambling and riffing off of feedback and a little Candide at the end. Thank you, everyone.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 29: Intro & status update stuff, the remaining list of beautiful untranslatable words, and a half chapter more of Candide.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 28: You've been warned this is ultra-ranty and spiral into self indulgence. Next recording will be more reading based. Sleep well!

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ASMR Sleep Station - 27: Reading from Voltaire's Candide and an interesting word list with interjections of iTunes reviews and feedback. Thanks.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 26

ASMR Sleep Station - 26: So much nonsense that I didn't get to feedback - next time. Reading from three different sources up front. Banter in the end.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 25

ASMR Sleep Station - 25: First, an article on gender and agender pronouns, then feedback. Thanks for the incredible support.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 24

ASMR Sleep Station - 24: Reading new article, but cut it short. Stay with me. I'll be back late September. Thank you.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 23

ASMR Sleep Station - 23: There's definitely some long winded rambling about sleep disorders and worry. Useful or not, I hope you pass out.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 22: Rant-a-saurus rex strikes again. No reviews, a little reading, and a lot of thanks to you very kind listeners.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 21: Yes, it's short. It may still relax you though. Next time will be smoother. Thank you.

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