ASMR Sleep Station (general)
ASMR whispering recording designed for your relaxation and to help you sleep. Image credit: Robin Röcker ( Contact:

ASMR Sleep Station - 40: feedback with the usual rambling and then some random sentences. Sleep well.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 39: feedback and sappy thanks then a random wiki article on an 80's animae show. Sleep well.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 38: Pointless banter on the new year. Hope you pass out, because I was about to. Thanks for supporting and downloading.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 37: A very talkative recording with no reading and some interesting computer fan noises. Hope it relaxes. You can always listen at low volume.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 36: saying thanks, usual rambling, reading a list of rhyming words.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 35: talking to myself about numbers, intro to an article on extreme music, and rambling about the demotivating enormity of the internets. Thank you all.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 34: feedback and contract law with rambling interspersed. All I want is for you to be relaxed.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 33: Less rambling, take two, but feedback and feedback feedback took a while. The rest is more pi digits and a scientific  article. Paypal donate link on website. Get sleepy.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 32: Feedback, brief reading of US case review, indigenous peoples and the Canadian Constitution, less rambling. May you rest well.

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ASMR Sleep Station - 31: Ramblemania, but I put the actual content up front. Approximations of pi, reading digits of pi, followed by lame introspection, feedback, then some respect to author Ted Chiang (see: Arrival, Story of Your Life).

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